The sudden appearance and explosion of COVID-19 has extended or halted indefinitely many things that had been previously planned. Baselworld 2020, originally scheduled for March, was also forced to be postponed. Rolex had to pull out of this year’s Baselworld. Rolex had postponed the launch of its 2020 collection until the end of April, but that too was cancelled. Ultimately Rolex has set the release date for September 1-4. With just over ten days left until the release date, there has been no notice of a cancellation so far. So it is highly likely that Rolex will release the new 2020 products on time in September.

The Rolex 2020 release date is getting closer and closer and everyone is looking forward to it. At the same time, the topic of “2020 Rolex Fake Watches Predictions” is also becoming more and more popular. I’ve seen the speculation and I’m very impressed. Here are some of my personal predictions for the Rolex 2020 watches.

Rolex Submariner Steel Watches With NO.3235 Movement

Fake Rolex Submariner Steel Watches

In the last two years, Rolex has added the latest NO.32XX movement to collections such as Yacht-Master, Sea-Dweller and GMT-Master II. But the most popular Rolex Submariner watches are still powered by the NO.3135 movement. All the fans are waiting for the AAA replica Rolex Submariner watches with the NO.3235 caliber. So there is a good chance that Rolex will satisfy the fans and launch the next most popular replica Rolex Submariner Steel watch with NO.3235 Movement in 2020.

Rolex Cellini Watches With Triple Calendar

The Rolex Cellini Triple Calendar we are looking at now is a well worn vintage watch. This watch has been in the possession of some fine watch collectors and we can see it in auctions. Of course, its value is thought to be high. Releasing vintage watches that have been out of production for many years but are still popular is a favorable trend. And, to this day, I still consider the Rolex Cellini Triple Calendar watch to be the most beautiful Rolex Cellini watch ever made.

The Day and Month windows aligned at 12 o’clock, and the Date in Arabic numerals on the outermost ring of the dial are things I would like to see again. And then with the latest modern movement, a perfectly modern Rolex Cellini Triple Calendar watch was born. But the release of the Rolex Cellini Triple Calendar watch may affect the earnings of watch collectors.

Rolex GMT-Master II With Coke Bezel

replica Rolex GMT-Master II Coke With Black And Red Cerachrom Bezel

All GMT-Master II watches in the Rolex catalogue are now equipped with the latest calibre NO.3285. On both the Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, you will only find “Pepsi”, “Batman” and “Root Beer”. The Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi is popular, but there are also many who prefer the black and red “Coke” ceramic bezel. I predict that Rolex will release two super clone Rolex GMT-Master II Coke watches. One on a stainless steel Jubilee bracelet and one on a precious metal Oyster bracelet.

Rolex Explorer II Watches With 24h Cerachrom Bezel

Rolex quickly gained recognition with the introduction of the Cerachrom bezel in 2005. Aluminum bezels and some stainless steel bezels have been replaced by Cerachrom bezels. However, the fake Rolex Explorer II watches still maintain their 24-hour stainless steel bezels. Although I think the Rolex Explorer II looks better with a brushed stainless steel bezel, it would be logical if Rolex did add a ceramic bezel to the Explorer II fake watches. The Cerachrom bezel is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and fade resistant, which is exactly what an outdoor adventure watch should be.

But it’s highly likely that Rolex will delay the update of the Explorer II watch until 2021. Because 2021 is the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Explorer II collection which was born in 1971.

Rolex Milgauss Watches With New Design

Rolex Milgauss super clone watch

Rolex Milgauss watches were indeed very popular at the beginning of their existence. The 1000 gauss magnetic field resistance provided accurate time for those who were in a magnetic field at all times. But nowadays Rolex Milgauss watches are still only 1000 gauss resistant, whereas copy Omega watches are already resistant to magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss. Although the Rolex Milgauss watches have a rare green sapphire crystal, the overall look is not stylish. So right now the Milgauss is in an awkward position. It would be most likely that the collection will be cancelled for the time being or a new Rolex Milgauss watch with a new design will be released to reverse the situation.

We all have a lot of ideas about the “2020 Rolex Watches Predictions“, but these five are my predictions. If you have any more accurate ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments. Now, let’s wait for the upcoming Rolex launch in September 2020.

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