Every Rolex watch seems to be a classic watch. The focus of the GMT Master is a rotatable 24-hour bezel. In the beginning, it was designed to allow global pilots to read local and home time. In 1983, Rolex renamed this collection fake Rolex GMT Master II. A separate 24-hour hand indicates the time in the third time zone.

Two Tone

Rolex GMT Master II 116713LN Fake

This is a two-tone GMT Master II 116713LN. The bezel markings and the center link of the bracelet are made of gold. In addition, it has a classic 40MM Oyster case. Because of the use of gold, this fake Rolex GMT Master II weighs 160g. 18-carat gold is also used for the crown and dial markings.


Rolex Fake GMT Master II 116713LN

Fake Rolex GMT Master II 116713LN uses the highly recognizable “MAXI” Dial. The black dial has a fourth green hand with a large arrow. This is also an hour hand, but a separate hour hand. The two-hour hands will not disturb each other. Coupled with a rotating 24-hour bezel, this fake Rolex watch can display the time in three time zones at the same time. This feature surprised us and was amazing. The green GMT hour hand echoes the green “GMT Master II” on the dial.

Two New Designs

Fake Rolex GMT Master II 116713LN

Fake GMT Master II 116713LN has two new features. The first is the easylink buckle. Its convenience is the best buckle I have ever seen. You can freely adjust the length of the bracelet. So, whenever and wherever your fake watch fits your wrist perfectly. The second is the Cerachrom bezel. The Cerachrom bezel is made of ceramic. And GMT Master II 116713LN is the first watch with Cerachrom bezel among Rolex watches. The fluted marks around the bezel make it easy to grip.

Rolex watches have become a mark of success. If you want others to know that you are different, then buy a Rolex. And Rolex watches have become known all over the world. Fake GMT-Master II has a classic design and incredible structure, so it is one of the most popular Rolex watches on the market today.

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