Rolex, as an extremely recognizable luxury swiss watch brand, products watches with luxurious and fantastic qualitatively. Of these, the Rolex Day-Date is the one that brings you the most luxury. These watches symbolize identity and status to some extent.


Back in 1956, Day-Date watches were among the most complex timepieces produced by Rolex. These AAA replica swiss watches had a wide Day window at 12 o’clock, showing the full name of the day worn on Monday, a design that Rolex patented in 1955. So so far only Rolex has the full name window of the day. All along, the Rolex Day-Date watches have kept the 36mm case. But in 2008, Rolex released the Day-Date II with a 41mm case, and then in 2015, Rolex had updated the Day-Date 40 watches. these are the sizes of all Rolex Day-Date watches.

New Movement

If you’ve been following the new watches released by Rolex over the years, you’ll find that more and more Rolex replica watches are equipped with the NO.32** movement, the latest in the NO.32** series. These movements have a more precise chronograph function and better reliability. They should be one of the most reliable movements in the world today, and the Rolex Day-Date 40 watches use the NO.3255 movement.


Although you can only choose 40mm, they have a lot of dials and materials. These watches can be divided into four categories by material. Stainless steel is not included, of course, as these luxury replica Rolex Day-Date 40 watches are only available in precious metals.

  • Platinum. White gold case with fluted bezel and silvered dial with stereotypical Roman numerals.
  • Everose gold. Everose gold case with fluted bezel, Sustust dial with raised baton hour markers.
  • Yellow gold. 18k yellow gold case with fluted bezel and sunburst yellow gold dial with raised Roman numerals.
  • Platinum. Platinum case with flat polished bezel and azure dial with 3D baton hour-markers.

Day-Date watches as a men’s watch, 40mm is the perfect size. And, these Rolex Day-Date watches are even more elegant. They can be paired with both a weekend outfit or a suit. The reasonable size and flexibility of the president bracelet will give you the perfect experience.

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